..... Getting the momentum .....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hye EveRyone!!

Huh, finally... Here i am..
Writing as i loved to..
Well, for anyone who doesn't know me.. Here are some tips about me (waah..tips!!) huhu~
1. Im stdying law at lovely uitm kedah rite now~ (giler best and giler susah punyer paper)
2. Im single, mingle and everything that ends with -gle.. but not GOOGLE (take note pliz..)
3. I can be trusted. Sumpah~(kalau bohong masuk api neraka)
4. Im fun,friendly n sometimes quite~ (when i am thinking seriously)
5. I LOVE MUSIC!!! Im going 2 be crazy without music.
6. I can adapt at every place i go (Since i moved a lot)..
7. DANCING (sumpah im cool when dancing)-chewaah!! n DAY DREAMING is my hobby.hek3
8. Im trying to fix the broken. (if u know what i mean)
8 and 1/2. I love to make jokes and laughs around~ dats me.
9. I can be a crying shoulders for anyone who needs me.
10. My life sometimes are best, good, sumtimes sucks, sumtimes feels like to die and sumtimes i fell like at the top of the world..~ That is so called "LIFE" right..
Yeah, i'm here to share with u about my ups and downs life, hope u will be there 4 me.. :-)