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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Its gud 2 be home. As always. And forever always.

Let the pictures speak :

p/s: Tired faces. I'll miss the tomyam. Esok balik Uitm. Sighhhhhhhhhhh~

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Millionaire in SP.

Obviously, there is a multi-millionaire in SP. I wonder who.

Lamborghini spotted nearby Sptani's bus station. It's LAMBORGHINI!!!

*i've spotted that car twice. at first, xsempat nak tgkap gambar. today is my lucky day. thanks to the traffic jam.

p/s: Jika tuan punya kereta ada anak perempuan, saya nak mengorat.

Mari Menjawab.

Rule #1-people who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any 1 questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

Rule #2-tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by and continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. Who tagged you?
= Koni. (Macham iz punye)

2. Do you like tags?
= Kalau aku xsuke, ingat aku nak buat ker???

3. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
= Nak jadi Jalil Hamid sebab lagu beliau bertajuk "ayam" telah berjaya menggembirakan ramai pihak.

4. What is your current mood?
= Teruja.

5. What will you do if your crush says he/she adores you too?
= Tggu apa lg!! Tackle terus,masuk minang,kahwin then buat anak. Settle.

6. Will you fall in love with your bestfriend?
= Kalau dah jodoh,xkan ke mana (ayat orang2 tua)

7. Which will you prefer, loving someone or being loved by someone?
= Being loved by Allah. Paling penting kan??

8. What is your favourite food?
= Nasi Lemak dining Malinja Uitm. Pergh, masyuk!

9. If the person you dislike is right in front of you, what will you do?
= buat2 tertidur.

10. What do you pray each day for your loved one?
= to give me more money. hahaha.

11. What catch your attention at best?
= im the one who be the attention of others. (munafik kan?)

12. How would you see yourself in ten years time?
= Berambut merah dan mempunyai 3 orang cucu.

13. What are the reason that could make you so tensed up?
= Bila orang lain kentut senyap2 then x mengaku.

14. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
= annoying, irritating and bila ketawa hidungnya mengembang dan mengecut berkali2.

15. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
= Single and rich. tapi banyak skandal.

16. Who would you like to see the moment you wake up?
= Amar. dunia akan kiamat kalau dia bangun tidur awal dari aku.

17. What's the character must have in your partner?

18. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you like to pick?
= siapa yg paling kurang bulu.

19. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing that someone has done?
= Depends. Kalau dia ada adik perempuan yg cun,putih dan seiras jessica alba, saya akan maafkan serta merta.

20. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
= single tapi banyak skandal.

21. chocolate or vanilla?
= vanilla.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


kata2 hikmah. silalah argue.